Access Control


Access control has become increasingly important in today’s environment.

Not only due to the obvious security aspects, which enables companies or individuals the ability to protect their assets in a simple and cost-effective manner. But also, the ability to provide important information such as the location of personnel in the event of a fire. Or assisting a company in Visitor management.

With integrations access control becomes a powerful tool in areas such as building management, assisting in providing energy efficiency. When integrated with CCTV, Access Control can provide useful event information for a CCTV system to interrogate and provide relevant video images around that event without the user having to undertake a time-consuming video search. 


At UTL we have experience in all aspects of Access Control, utilising different manufacturers and solutions to provide a tailored solution and providing assistance to evaluate how your solution can work for you. From the initial project planning and management through to user training our aim is to provide you with maximum return for your investment.