Keep your Business and Staff safe with Access Control & Door Entry Technology

Historically companies relied on keys and locks to secure their business premises and allow access for their staff. With advancements in technology, there are now alternative options that can provide security for your business and your staff with much greater flexibility. The problem with keys is potentially there is access to your building any time of the day or night and furthermore there is always the chance the keys could be lost or stolen exposing a security risk.

Access Control or Door Entry Systems are now being used by many businesses; allowing them to control who comes into the building and at what times. Staff can be given different levels of access allowing you to choose exactly who is allowed into what part of your building; this can also be restricted to different times and/or days. When a member of staff’s employment ends, there is no longer the worry about spare keys not being returned, you just turn off their access. An Access Control System will give you information and statistics on your staff movements and reporting can be shown on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, you can manage and control access and permissions from any of these devices too; with these systems utilising Key Fobs or Proximity Cards, it’s a simple process to change existing user's parameters, delete old and add new people.

The key benefit of a high-level Access Control System is maintaining security in your building. In addition to protecting the premises from unwanted intruders, sadly there is also the potential problem of theft from within the organisation. Whether this is in the form of physical items or more commonly nowadays, the theft of information or data; controlling access and being able to establish who was where and at what time gives you the ability to both reduce the chance of this happening and if it does, you have a greater chance of pinpointing who was responsible.

You can now link your Access Control System to your CCTV System; giving you complete visibility as to who is entering, leaving, and moving around within your premises.

With the current Pandemic and the drive for businesses to ensure their workspaces are COVID-Secure, the Contactless / No-Touch capability of an Access Control System is becoming more appealing as more and more staff are returning to work.

Whether it’s a completely new installation or upgrading your existing system UTL Security Solutions provide professional and qualified staff ensuring quality and peace of mind at all times.

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